5 Tips for a Successful Deposition

Speak With Precision!

Avoid unnecessary sounds and be confident in your delivery of terminology, particularly of proper names and unusual industry jargon. By speaking clearly you help the court reporter keep a clean transcript and minimize, or eliminate editing time.

Plan for the Future!

If you need a change in venue or special equipment be sure to request them at least 48 hours prior to your deposition. By planning ahead you avoid delays for equipment set up and room changes that can increase costs and cause momentum to be short-circuited needlessly.

Distribute a List of Terms!

Make sure to provide a glossary of terms with phonetic spellings for your team before arriving to the deposition. By organizing complex terminology you help your court reporting team keep an accurate record and minimize editing and questions down the road.

Avoid Unnecessary Utterances and Pauses!

Do not create too many slow pauses, oohs, yeahhs… ahhs and those strangely common utterances that get in the way of a good transcript.

Dress Appropriately!

Dress for success as they say. Avoid needlessly casual attire. Always dress in a professional manner. For women this means dresses, slacks and skirts that in no way provide a cause for confusion or overtly alluring issues. For men a suit and tie is always best.

What Our Clients Say

“My colleagues and I recently turned to Gore Brothers to handle a number of depositions throughout the country for a district court patent litigation that required video, realtime, and expedited delivery.  We were pleased with the responsiveness of Gore Brothers and its attention to customer service.  Through their NNRC network, Gore Brothers was able to secure highly-skilled court reporters and videographers even in rather remote locations.  We were pleased with both the quality and turn-around time of the transcripts and videos.”

Erin M. Dunston, Esquire, Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney

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