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netherlands carillon in Arlington Virginia symbol of friendship

netherlands carillon in Arlington Virginia symbol of friendship

Over the years, the legal profession has changed rapidly. The needs of top attorneys have changed, and they are facing new challenges in their work. Arlington court reporters at Gore Brothers Reporting and Videoconferencing offer a wide range of tools that can help lawyers meet these challenges, working with new information and reaching jurors in new ways.

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Full service Arlington court reporting firms can work to help lawyers through each phase of their casework. From the hard work of case preparation to the crucial presentation in the courtroom, these court reporting professionals have the tools to help lawyers in a number of ways.

Large volumes of information require efficient ways to manage and access them. Indexing gives lawyers a way to quickly find passages and information they need throughout case materials.

Secure storage of information is crucial. Online repositories are a great way to store all types of media in a way that offers access, security, and portability. Documents, media files, photos, and graphics can all be stored where they can be utilized from anywhere with an internet connection.

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Connectivity also has offered lawyers new ways to connect with their cases. Videoconferencing can be used to allow lawyers to work collaboratively with co-counsel, and it also serves another role that can be even more useful. Remote depositions allow lawyers to expand their reach via a secure video connection. Realtime reporting enhances the experience, allowing lawyers to stream a rough transcript directly to a laptop or mobile device as proceedings unfold.

gore-brothers-court-reporters-videoToday’s lawyers are meeting new challenges with new technology and innovative solutions from top court reporting professionals. The right team can play an important role in helping lawyers succeed for their clients.


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