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Gore Brothers is pleased to present RBweb, our online scheduling system. If you already have a username and password, click here to login.

To learn more about this free, user-friendly service, email us at Until then, please use the web form below to schedule your next deposition.

To schedule a videoconference, simply fill in the fields below and hit “Submit Request.” Your request will be confirmed by email on the next business day. If you do not receive confirmation, please phone us immediately at 410-837-3027. Your videoconference will be confirmed again the day before the scheduled date.

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Please Note: If this videoconference is to be held within two business days, please call 410-837-3027 to schedule this job.

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What Our Clients Say

"Over the almost 45 years that I have practiced law in Maryland, I have had only one go-to court reporting company.  That has always been Gore Brothers...  Why?  Because I get excellent service, a willingness to try to accommodate my needs even on short notice, excellent transcript quality; and on the rare occasions where there is an error, a prompt correction."

Sidney G. Leech, Esquire, Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dann

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