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gore-brothers-court-reporters-videoAs the legal profession has changed, more lawyers are finding the need to bring new technology into their work. The emerging challenges of 21st century legal work require new approaches and new tools to help lawyers serve their clients with distinction.

Frederick Court Reporters

Frederick, VA court reporters at Gore Brothers Reporting & Videoconferencing are committed to providing lawyers with these new tools, and they have built a reputation for offering lawyers innovative solutions to the challenges of today’s legal work.

A multi-media and information centric world require new solutions. Connectivity offers many new tools that can help lawyers meet the needs of their clients. Videoconferencing can be used in many ways, including allowing attorneys to work remotely. Lawyers no longer have to travel to depose a witness— remote depositions allow lawyers to work over a secure connection without compromising effectiveness.

Realtime reporting has become a nearly ubiquitous part of today’s legal work. It can be used to stream a rough transcript of proceedings across a room or across the country. This offers lawyers a new level of immediacy, allowing them to quickly adapt to changing needs as information warrants.

Virginia court reporting firms also work with attorneys from across the country who are working in the area either remotely or in-person. They provide a complete list of services to meet the needs of attorneys, and they also offer fully-equipped conference rooms for any need.

Virginia and DC Court Reporters

Court Reporting Stenography MachineToday’s lawyers are working harder as they tackle the difficult legal questions in courtrooms across the country. These court reporting professionals offer a number of tools to help lawyers concentrate their time and talents on the work of serving their clients better.


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“My colleagues and I recently turned to Gore Brothers to handle a number of depositions throughout the country for a district court patent litigation that required video, realtime, and expedited delivery.  We were pleased with the responsiveness of Gore Brothers and its attention to customer service.  Through their NNRC network, Gore Brothers was able to secure highly-skilled court reporters and videographers even in rather remote locations.  We were pleased with both the quality and turn-around time of the transcripts and videos.”

Erin M. Dunston, Esquire, Buchanan, Ingersoll & Rooney

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